Paroles Bombard Your Soul de Gun Barrel

Gun Barrel
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  • Artiste: Gun Barrel9840
  • Chanson: Bombard Your Soul
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Textes et Paroles de Bombard Your Soul

Welcome to the new rising
The guys are back once more
Without no compromises
To rock is what we're living for

Let the fire burn
The metal thunder roll
We bombard - bombard - bombard your soul
Here for going crazy
Let some speakers blow
We bombard - bombard - bombard your soul

Like this world we all go through changes
But in the end our name remains the same
Standing strong for what we all believe in
Living our dream - make it once again

Guitars screaming loud
To the metal crowd
We bombard - bombard - bombard your soul
Here we're back for all the metal maniacs
We bombard - bombard - bombard you soul
We bombard your soul

Enjoy the metal
For our metal
We all live and die
All for one and
One for all
United you and I

We love it when it's loud
Our heavy metal sound
We bombard - bombard - bombard your soul
Play it how we feel with a heart of steel
We bombard - bombard - bombard your soul
We bombard your soul


Bomb - bomb - bombard your soul
We bomb - bomb - bombard your soul
Bomb - bomb - bombard your soul

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