Paroles Gorgeous (Immigrant) de Gene Loves Jezebel

Gene Loves Jezebel
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  • Artiste: Gene Loves Jezebel14479
  • Chanson: Gorgeous (Immigrant)
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Textes et Paroles de Gorgeous (Immigrant)

Cradle my head
Break my arms again
Don't bring in those henchmen
The way they tear my toes
It's gorgeous

My guilty secrets are unfolding
Before your eyes
You're such a carbon copy
Of my brother
Oh, gorgeous

You're so gorgeous
For god's sake

All thoughts are hell
All my hangups are down
All my roads are clear
But, nevertheless, you're gorgeous

What was that sound at the door
Must have been a Mysteron
I caught him with his clothes on
All the way from Key Well
Where the oil comes in
And the money flows
With emotion to the sea

You're so gorgeous
I can hardly keep my toes clean
I feel so mean
I can't play Cluedo
Without losing the dice

Ah, so nice
You're so gorgeous
Out of your mind
You're so gorgeous
You're so slim

You're akin to a fool
I look at your idiot smile
I wonder how I could ignore
You puck your lips
I assure you this must
Surely be it

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