Paroles Faults And All de George Strait

George Strait
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  • Artiste: George Strait5872
  • Chanson: Faults And All
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Textes et Paroles de Faults And All

Not so very long from now
She'll be known all over town
Cause she waits by her phone from in the car
She says the limit is the sky
And tonight she's flyin' high
But I'll hang around and take her faults and all

O' Yes she once was mine
Now she's changed and she's that kind
With a crowd she has her self a ball
But she's not that kind of girl
She's just hidin' from the world
But I'll hang around and take her faults and all

She's about as low as a girl can go
She ain't got far to fall
But when she hits the ground
I'm gonna be around
'Cause I want her most of all
And when all's been said and done
I'm gonna be the one
Who'll hang around and take her faults and all

Yeah I'll hang around and take her faults and all

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