Paroles If I Know Me de George Strait

George Strait
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  • Artiste: George Strait5872
  • Chanson: If I Know Me
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Textes et Paroles de If I Know Me

We both said some things
I know we never meant
And when I slammed the door tonight
You wondered where I went
If I know you, you're probably wondering what to do
You're thinking that I'm gone for good
If I know you

But if I know me
I'll turn this car around
I won't get halfway through town
And I'll be sorry
I'll stop and call
And you'll say you're sorry too
And I'll come running back to you
If I know me

Sometimes I lose me head
Say things to break your heart
Forgetting if I lost your love
It would tear my world apart
If I know you, you didn't mean
A single word you said
Truth be known your dying crying
Lying there in bed


And I know me

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