Paroles Ride That Booty de Germart

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  • Artiste: Germart52155
  • Chanson: Ride That Booty
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Textes et Paroles de Ride That Booty

Come on ride that booty, booty

Come on ride that booty good.

Come on shake that booty, booty

Come on shake that booty good.

Come on bounce that booty, booty

Come on bounce that booty good.

Come on ride that booty, booty

Come on ride that booty good.

You know you got it, girl.

You they want it, girl.

Since you so great

They try to hate

And get up on it, girl.

Ain't gotta take no lip.

Just let that bake bone slip.

Then bust that butt and start your strut

And take a little trip.


You know you funky fresh,

They is a hot mess.

Be true to you and what you do

To blessed to be stressed.

Haters be dammed

No one needs a minus man.

Subtract that junk and add your funk

And spread the finest jam.


Now bounce it, baby.

Don't stop it, baby.

And slip it, baby.

And dip it, baby.

Now work it ,baby.

Don't drop it ,baby.


Let me ride that booty.


My booty's different than yours.

My booty's different than yours.

Gimmie some of that…

Oh shit. Here it comes. Oh goodness!!!


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