Paroles Livin' Like An Animal de GG Allin

GG Allin
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  • Artiste: GG Allin14869
  • Chanson: Livin' Like An Animal
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Textes et Paroles de Livin' Like An Animal

Everybody's got something to do
I've got nothing but this dirty room
Everybody's got some kind of job
Everybody's got someone to love

Not me! I'm livin' like a dog

Living like an animal [x3]

I'm just running wild in the street
You might look at me and see a creep
You might think I'm twisted and deranged
But I don't care 'cause me you'll never tame

I'm livin' like an orangutang

Living like an animal [x6]

I just wanna drink and raise some hell
I never take a bath - I'd rather smell
Don't need anyone to drag me down
The savage beast in me is on the prowl

I'm livin' like an animal

Living like an animal [x7]

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