Paroles Body Juggler de Ghoti Hook

Ghoti Hook
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  • Artiste: Ghoti Hook14954
  • Chanson: Body Juggler
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Textes et Paroles de Body Juggler

She can only see past certain views
she doesn't think that she will lose
and with this we just cannot get along
i must admit i like her a lot
this infatuation just won't stop
and in the end i know i must be wrong

i wonder, i wonder why
i wonder, i wonder why

indication of infatuation
complicates this situation
it's making me search out a real escape
this creation of this relation
and concentration of admiration
has got me dumb and all bent out of shape


but i'm ignorant stubborn and stupid i won't take the time to give in
to the fact that i must wait and let Him show me where to begin
if i go ahead and try to find her by myself i'll make a mistake
when will i learn that this big decision is not mine to fully make

with this now that i must mention
so that i can stop this stupid tension
and free myself from feeling selfish greed
my sinful motives and bad intentions
has been brought to my attention
and even now i know i deny need



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