Paroles Do You Remember de Ginuwine

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  • Artiste: Ginuwine2615
  • Chanson: Do You Remember
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Textes et Paroles de Do You Remember

[1st Verse:]
It was 3 O' clock in the mornin'
And you told me to come over
Told me about your crazy fantasy
So I jumped up in my rover
Had to climb in your window
Cuz your moms & pops was sleep
When I did you just took one look
And you jumped all over me

Girl what you did to me last night
It's somethin' that I rather not mention
But you had me standin' at attention
Do you remember? Do you remember?
Remember what we did last night?
We boned on yourr momma's couch
And we knocked the springs right out
Do you remember? Do you remember?

[2nd Verse:]
You told me this sexual thing
That you wanted to do
Also that i'm the first one
You ever did this to
You made me feel so good girl
I thought that I was dreamin'
My mind was so far away
I forgot what I was thinkin'


[Girl talking:]
Girl, you shoulda seen us last night.
All down on the couch and everything.
You shoulda seen me and Ginuwine.

[Mommy talking:]
Baby,Baby, come down here, I need to talk to you now!
(I'll be right down)
Look at this! Look at this mess! What happened here? I mean just look at
it. There's a spring knocked out. Wait a minute, wait a minute, I know.
You were with that Ginuwine guy (No) I told you about him! He's an
entertainer, he's no good (But I love him) No

Remember what we did last night?

Girl what you did to me last night...

[Repeat chorus till fade]

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