Paroles G thang de Ginuwine

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  • Artiste: Ginuwine2615
  • Chanson: G thang
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Textes et Paroles de G thang

Come here shorty, hey
Girl you're lookin' fine
I heard your searchin' for a real love
And I'm really Ginuwine
I come to move your body, hey
Keep it jumpin' like a party, hey
Come on everybody
were gonna do it my way

It's a G thang, hey
Came to party till the break of dawn
Watch my speakers bang
Until daylight comes and we wanna go home

I like me a buzz hey, hey
But I don't want to smoke a weed
Why smoke a box of Philly Plums
When she can get high on G
Go pick up a girlfriend
They can ride in my benz
Cause I'm taking everybody
Where G likes to party


set it off on the left ya'll
set if off on the right ya'll
set it off
set it off by subjection
set it off on the right ya'll
set it off, set it off

  "Ginuwine...the bachelor [#11]"

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