Paroles Famous Last Words de Glampire

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  • Artiste: Glampire15101
  • Chanson: Famous Last Words
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Textes et Paroles de Famous Last Words

We had a fling, a friendship, a feast of a fuckfest
We shared a hatred for the world
These times were the best these times were the worst

Didn't I always warn you
I would not suffer wise guys who wouldn't play along
I made that simple and I made that clear
Just like this song

Good luck
It's time for me to live up to my
Famous last words

We laughed off the tears cuz the drugs couldn't help
Oh you my dear went and married your fears
While I played my trade in the ancient art of falling apart
I built a brand new self

I promised you I would always get here
Let nothing stand in my path
That was my first intention and the last words I spoke
Looks like you're the one underneath the joke

If I cared I'd cry but I don't so I am laughing in your face

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