Paroles Refuse To Believe de Glampire

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  • Artiste: Glampire15101
  • Chanson: Refuse To Believe
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Textes et Paroles de Refuse To Believe

All alone
And getting lonelier
She tried to warn me
I just scorned her
All mixed up
Getting crazier
No words left to say to her

All alone
And getting lonelier
No No
No No

All ground down
Getting dirtier
I tried to help her
I just hurt her
All confused
Getting worse for sure
Nothing left but to leave her

How could I
Be so blind
How could you
Be so cold
How could we
Be so mean
How could there
Be nothing left between

There is nothing left between

You and Me
There's nothing left
I can't believe
this is happening
I can't believe
this is happening
I can't believe
this is happening
To me

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