Paroles Let's Go Home de Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey
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  • Chanson: Let's Go Home
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Textes et Paroles de Let's Go Home

I've been all over town
Lookin' all around
Now I fin'lly see you
At a table with friends
Where ev'ry one pretends
I'm not try'n' to free you
I know I let you down
But now I've found
I can't live alone
I just have one thing to say, baby
Let's go home

Hurry finish up your drink
We've had lots of time to think
Let's just steel away
Please just come with me
I need some privacy
For what I've got to say
You know the way I feel
And now I realize
I should have known
There's no living without you
So let's go home

Let's go home
For once in my life, I finally see
You mean ev'rything, in the world to me
I'm willing to take all the bad with the good
I'm ready to do ev'rything that I should

Since we've been apart
I've had a change of heart
Yes, I changed my mind
I'm tryin' to say it right
I need you here tonight
Baby, I ain't lyin'
So please look in my eyes
If you still love me,
You will know
It's just you with me, baby
So let's go home
Oh, let's go home
Let's go home
Oh, let's go home
Why don't you come with me girl

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