Paroles Soul Searchin' de Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey
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  • Artiste: Glenn Frey15153
  • Chanson: Soul Searchin'
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Textes et Paroles de Soul Searchin'

The time in coming to do some soul searchin
No more running, no more bridges burning
The time is coming for you and me
To take a look inside, no matter what we see
Let's do some soul searchin', just you and me

Our lives are changin', this old world keeps turning
And I sit here wondering baby, what we're really learning
I know you're just a woman, I'm just a man
Let's be true to each other, do the best we can
Let's do some soul searchin' -soul searchin'
Some soul searchin-soul searchin'
Let's do some soul searchin, just you and me

There's a big train rollin' -big train rollin'
I can hear it hummin' -hear it hummin'
But the river is risin' -river is risin'
And the rain keeps coming-rain keeps comin'
It's time to get onboard, before we're washed away
It's time to leave behind some things from yesterday
Let's do some soul searchin' -soul searchin'
Little bit of soul searchin' -soul searchin'
Let's do some soul searchin', just you and me
Just you and me

Come and talk to me-the time is comin'
You know the time is comin' -to do some soul searchin' (do some soul searchin')
No more runnin'- they be no more running
No more bridges burning-no more bridges burnin'

It's time for every woman and every man
Build a new world together, workin' hand in hand
It's time to stop pretending that you're somebody else
You know you can't change this world, but you can change yourself
Let's do some soul searchin' -soul searchin
Little bit of soul searchin' -soul searchin'

We're gonna take a look inside, forget our foolish pride
It's time to search our souls-search our souls
And make a good thing whole
Soul searchin. soul searchin, soul searchin'...

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