Paroles Humpty Dumpty Heart de Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller
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  • Artiste: Glenn Miller3305
  • Chanson: Humpty Dumpty Heart
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Textes et Paroles de Humpty Dumpty Heart

Who's giving that line to you,
You think itâ€~s divine, do you?
You're a crazy Humpty Dumpty heart

You're letting a grin, kid, you,
You never did win, did you?
Just a silly Humpty Dumpty heart...

Don't mean to criticize or say I'm wise
But if you will just recall
You sat on a garden wall
And you know what happened...

Youâ€~ll still have a chance, won't you,
You sure want romance, don't you?
Hope you're lucky, Humpty Dumpty heart!

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