Paroles Lucifer's Hammer de Gloomy Grim

Gloomy Grim
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  • Artiste: Gloomy Grim9552
  • Chanson: Lucifer's Hammer
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Textes et Paroles de Lucifer's Hammer

When he was a little boy
He was afraid of the dark
Witches, ghosts and hanged people
were all the time in his mind

After he shooked hands with Lucifer
All his fears were gone
He knew that nothing could hurt him
because they are on his side

He grew up in possession of Satan
He gave him all what he needed
Took his life, it didn't feel bad
That's how I became
The Lucifer's hammer

Believers are spikes in my flesh
but I can not shed my skin
Using forces which are given to me
I will nail these spikes to the cross

On that cross cries Jesus Christ
begging mercy from anybody
No one would listen
they know what he has done

I'll take one spike from my flesh
and nail him down
This is why I exist
and why they have made me

I could close my eyes
and dream those faulty dreams
whose most of the people are dreaming

But rather I live in Real World
and obey the picture in the mirror

There watches me a man
half Beast, half human
Lucifer, some say
Satan, others

That is my name
I can not deny
I am proud of it
of what I have became

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