Paroles Nothin' New de Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan
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  • Artiste: Gloria Estefan3342
  • Chanson: Nothin' New
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Textes et Paroles de Nothin' New

Why is nothing ever new for long
And things go wrong in time
How come love is never new for long
We feel a change inside
Things no longer feel the way they did
People never care the way they did
Lovers never love the way they did
We're got to make it last
Got to fan the spark

People know that love is often cruel
But still they fall in love
I believe that only goes to prove
That love's what we dream of

Even if things can never be the way they were
But if you just hold on your luck might take a turn
We should put in practice
What we're learned
That love's the only way
We got to make it stay

Life goes on
Nothin's ever new
Maybe different than before
You may not believe me
But nothing's ever
Nothing's ever, nothing's ever new

Don't know things will never be the same I've heard
But if you just hold on your luck might take a turn
We gotta put in practice
Everything we've learned
That love's the only way
We got to make it stay

Life goes on no matter what you do
And though it's crazy, nothing's ever
Nothing's ever new
You may not believe me, but it's true
But nothing's ever new

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