Paroles Sex In The 90's de Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan
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  • Artiste: Gloria Estefan3342
  • Chanson: Sex In The 90's
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Textes et Paroles de Sex In The 90's

Tell me that I'm crazy 'cause I love to have fun
Stay up all night and party go to bed with the sun
Always on the dance floor till the end of the night
And if I go home alone everything is alright
Love and romance just ain't the same anymore
What can you do, accept or ignore
I thought I was wise about te ways of the world
But you gotta be crazy to have
Sex in the 90's

Saturday night I should decide what to do
But whatever it is the question's with who
Spontaneity's dead we should accept our own fate
Or make a serious commitment to 976-DATE
You've come a long way baby saying it's true
If the 70's freed our inhibitions what good did it do
Gotta shut it in, get it out turn it away
'Cause you gotta be crazy to have
Sex in the 90's, sex in the 90's, sex in the 90's...

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