Paroles Weekend Love de Golden Earring

Golden Earring
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  • Chanson: Weekend Love
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Textes et Paroles de Weekend Love

The sooner it will be the better
Gonna have to see you right away
It's been a long time since the day I met her
I can't handle being without her one more day
Gonna get the feeling that I'm going insane
Feel so stupid using these old cliché's
You better hurry up Baby, I ain't lying
We're down to nothing but a waste of time
Still remember everything she said
Make no promises and make no debts
All I want is just a one day weekend love

She sips her wine without a flinching
She's in control of it all the way
Looks so good, pretending that she's listening
By the time I fall asleep, she's gone away
She's got no mercy on a jealous heart
And she said it all right from the start
Make no promises and make no debts
But I love that lady, I got to confess
I want more than just a one day weekend love
All she wants is just my one day weekend love
I want more than just a one day weekend love
All she wants is just my one day weekend love

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