Paroles Emo Gas And The First Class Countdown de Goldteef

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  • Artiste: Goldteef15419
  • Chanson: Emo Gas And The First Class Countdown
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Emo Gas And The First Class Countdown

Got my blade in my left hand, my gat in the right
Kids don't mess with us cause we black as night
GOLDteef rollin' in da Chevy Corvette
We so fly the bank owes us debt.

As dope as I be, I still hate life
My best friend is my kitchen knife
I'm very depressed and very sad
Fake-ass wiggas make me very mad

Hoes think I'm cool, but they's a snitch
I'm taken MySpace is my bitch
But I don't care I know I'm a playa
I know mo people than the city mayoa'

GOLDteef is up and runnin da show
Rollin in bitches and lots of dough
We're living the life fly and rich
Every night we got a new bitch

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