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Good Luck
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  • Artiste: Good Luck36584
  • Chanson: Contact
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Textes et Paroles de Contact

I'm concentrating very intently, and my gaze is fixed but the images are blurry
And I cover each eye alternatively to see them shuffle through the frame
I'm lying in bed and getting freaked out, you know I really shouldn't even be awake now
I've spent enough of my life down here to understand how the shadows fall

I start to wonder exactly how many different people I've seen throughout my whole life
Can't even fathom a guess
they'll just continue walking or driving along their separate ways before I can even forget

I wonder out of all those millions

How many have I met?
How many have I spoken with?
How many have I simply brushed in passing?
How many have I slept in the same building as?
How many of them are left-handed just like me?
How many have shared my exact date of birth?
How many have I genuinely care about?
How many have I taken the time to get to know real well?
How many have I loved?
How many will I ever love?

So use simple expressions to explain what you can
Cause you'll never be able to see past your hand

And if I go blind from this condition
May it only happen after we connect

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