Paroles East Of Midnight de Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot
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  • Artiste: Gordon Lightfoot15506
  • Chanson: East Of Midnight
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Textes et Paroles de East Of Midnight

Put me somewhere east of midnight
West of the turnpike
Anywhere I wander is where I'll take my rest
As I lie down, toss some thoughts around
Dreams I'm told will come true if you
Believe in those who love you right now
Sea of dreams I long for you
Forget about the others
This is my hike, you can come if you like
To feel good, I would help you if I could
But I am out here searching
For the things that might have been
I need no more reminders
Not one love letter have I seen
And that's a pretty good start
The ocean is where lovers meet again
Sea of dreams by all means
Float me out of danger until then
Forever amen

It's a long long hike
We'll be leavin' early travelin' light
That's alright Heaven will be ours tonight

The road is paved with moonbeams
There are faces that I knew
They all came back to haunt me
But that ain't fair to the folks like me and you
It takes a bit of my heart
Tonight I shall be watching from the shore
Sea of dreams from now on
Forget about all the others
Back where the line forms
Destination sea of storms
By all means ever onward sea of dreams

Put me somewhere east of midnight
Along about daylight
Anywhere I wander is where I'll take my rest
If we could just lie down
Toss some thoughts around
It's a tough and a dirty long hike
You can come if you like
If we could just lie down
Toss some thoughts around

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