Paroles Let It Ride de Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot
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  • Chanson: Let It Ride
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Textes et Paroles de Let It Ride

These are just the simple facts
I will relate to you
Though they are not connected
Each and every one is true
If they seem a bit untidy
Well unraveling them is fun
I will not stand corrected
I have not harmed anyone
I just let it ride
Ride let it ride
Leave on the evenin' tide
Just let it ride

When I listen to my heart
I sometimes fail to find
One sane and simple answer
On the bright side of my mind
Even when I'm sleeping
I can't seem to unwind
I just let it ride

I knew a man from Windsor
Who went to Detroit every night
And stateside of the tunnel
Customs agents gave him flight
He threw his stash in the river
And his bedroll on the ground
And when they finally got there
A sleeping man was all that they found

He just let it ride
Ride let it ride
Leavin' on the evenin' tide
Just let it ride

Hear the steeple bell ring out
Above my lobster pots
I might be out here fishin' man
But that ain't where it stops
The mouths I feed are many
And they all say thanks a lot
They just let it ride

One day when I'm old and gray
'N consider what's gone by
I always will be proud of
Every tear I've ever cried
And all of the old jokes we told
Around the candle light
To all those tender damsels
Who had helped us through the night

They just let it ride
Ride let it ride
Leavin' on the evenin' tide
Just let it ride
I'm gonna let it ride

Here's to the girls of London
And the ones from Montreal
We never will forget them
We still fantasize them all
I knew one in St. Louis
On a Missouri afternoon
I met one up in Shanghai
And another in Rangoon

I just let it ride
Ride let it ride
Leavin' on the evenin' tide
Just let it ride
Ride ride ride
I'm gonna let it ride
Leavin' on the evenin' tide
Just let it ride

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