Paroles Now And Then de Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot
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  • Artiste: Gordon Lightfoot15506
  • Chanson: Now And Then
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Textes et Paroles de Now And Then

I think this time you've said enough to make me want to leave this place
Still I keep coming back for more of the same to fan the dying flame
Here inside these walls that seem to move a little closer every day
There must be a way out of this crazy game we play out to the end
Let us just pretend a while
Think about the good things now and then
I think this time that was the best time that we two had ever known
We tried the handle of the house upon the shore and found the open door
Once inside we found a curious moonbeam doing dances on the floor
We were only playing like two children who had stayed away from school
Two of us could not be wrong
Heaven knows who keeps the golden rule

I think this time we've learned enough to know that nothing is the same
But still the pounding of my heart hasn't changed and leavin's so strange
Here among my thoughts of you I find a gentle longing to be free
There must be a way out of this crazy game we play out to the end
Take away the in-between
Think about the good things now and then
We will see the day when you or I will stay or face up to the end
Let us just pretend a while
And think about the good things now and then

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