Paroles Stone Cold Sober de Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot
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  • Artiste: Gordon Lightfoot15506
  • Chanson: Stone Cold Sober
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Textes et Paroles de Stone Cold Sober

If you really knew how many times I've tried to help you
Make your mind up in the matters of the heart, you'd not be bothered
By the miscues or the bad trips that seem to come and plague us
Having thought it over, I sure would like to talk to you again

I was stone cold sober, it was daylight in October
When you reached across the table put your hand upon my shoulder
And my lips were warm with kissing while we found the missing pieces
To all the empty spaces I sure would like to talk that way again

We have soared above the clouds, we've heard the angels breathing
While we made love in the morning, there was never talk of leaving
We would lie that way for hours with our arms around each other
It was all so easy, I sure would like to talk to you again

'Cause I'm stone cold sober, the daylight has crossed over
In the night, a touch of sadness
We had it coming, had it going way back then

I was stone cold sober when I woke the morning after
Having shattered the illusions of the object of my passions
With a will made out of iron and a mind that is her own
Having thought it over, I sure would like to talk to her again
We had it coming, had it going way back then

I hope that we can see each other often
That our points of view will blend into each other,
Like the sea and the horizon
And the sun will shine upon us as we live our lives forever
Having thought it over, I sure would like to talk to you again

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