Paroles Shell Full of Sand de Gossamer

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  • Artiste: Gossamer52241
  • Chanson: Shell Full of Sand
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Textes et Paroles de Shell Full of Sand

Take the rose that you left on the window sill
Take it back, and bury it inside my brain
And you left me to die not wanting to care
About the life you shattered of mine
So I won't fear
The tears and the sweat and the blood
From a shattered soul
Tattered and beaten, I'm blind within the cold of the fold
Lost between the cold of the fold

I shed a tear about the distant memories
Of things we shared, of things you said that we would be
And now it's all just so false, but in the way of my life
Living dreams through the times I've lost in the strife
It's too much pain, too much pain, too much pain...

Lost in the lies
Sharing the pain
Sharing the lies I hide

Now I'll never stop caring about you
And lies and the dreams of the hopes that were forged within you
Want to know, want to feel, want to see love again
To be a man once more, not a shell full of sand
Just a shell full of sand
Nothing much left of my soul

If I could care once more
I'd take it all back
Just to have one more chance
To fill in the cracks
But it fades in between my life now
Nothing much left of my soul
Nothing left but the old

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