Paroles Eff The Sun de Gothsicles (The)

Gothsicles (The)
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  • Artiste: Gothsicles (The)15564
  • Chanson: Eff The Sun
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Textes et Paroles de Eff The Sun

Like a corrupt data compilerWe're gonna mess upThat ball of fireDouse the power it requiresVideo games all dayNo priorKulchaWas ever glare freeThose little light burstsBouncing off the screenAnnoyingTo the nth degreeThat's why the sun is gonna get one toll freeBomb blastIn the precise vicinityTo nullify negative chargeFor all infinityCascade effectsChain reactionsAtomic level annihilationTo eff the sunEff the sunAnti solar sentimentIs nothing newBut my ostentatious arguments necessitate reviewMy chief argument isThat the sun eats pooAnd all gets up in my eyesWhen I play faxanaduAnd throughA telescopeI calculateThe absolute destruction of all solar real estateAnd waitWhile the platform risesWith more destructive force than 8 Starship EnterprisesBut crapThe hydraulics are brokenNeed to call tech support at the place I bought it fromBut the guy on the line is a freakin' jerkMan, I just need the lifting platform to workReboot the machine, wait the for start up chimesAlright we're all good, now it's finally timeEternal darkness'Cause the sun's all charredPut the text of this song on a V:TES cardEff the sun

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