Paroles About To Rage de Gov't Mule

Gov't Mule
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  • Artiste: Gov't Mule18932
  • Chanson: About To Rage
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Textes et Paroles de About To Rage

Hesitation is a hole in the head
And contradiction buys you time
A battle worth winning is a battle worth losing
Sometimes revolution is kind

We can stop and pray for rain
Or we can march and beat the drum
But the storm's about to rage

He who speaks loudly will surely be heard
But a whisper cannot be ignored
Heaven and hell are one and the same
When desperation's all you can afford

Knowing all along
The truth will overcome
And the storm's about to rage
About to rage

Anger and tears
Will wash away our fears

Some pages in history will surely be burned
Revisions are not always wrong
Time to discover what's really, really, really right
Instead of what makes us feel strong

Blood is on your hands
But it's what the part demands
The storm's about to rage
About to rage
Storm's about to rage
About to rage

Hesitation is a hole in the head

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