Paroles Unring The Bell de Gov't Mule

Gov't Mule
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  • Artiste: Gov't Mule18932
  • Chanson: Unring The Bell
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Textes et Paroles de Unring The Bell

Where is your freedom
Is it buried in the earth
Tell me is it growing
Or is it losing it's worth
And where were all your people when they burned your building down
Too busy fighting their own war in their own town

Unring the bell, it's time, it's time
Take back what we had, it's yours and mine

Shadows of evil cast like giants on the wall
Do you even know how many people you appall
And where are all those people on whose backs you climbed
Too busy saving their own skin and their own kind

Unring the bell, it's time, it's time
Take back what we had, it's yours and mine

New Jim Crow, different shades of brown
Blood spills red on ancient hallowed ground

Flying machines send missiles to the moon
While Babylon is burning in the pale afternoon

Unring the bell, it's time, it's time
Take back what we had, it's yours and mine

Fake liberty is just another form of hate
Unring the bell before it's too late

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