Paroles Wish You Well de Grant Lee Buffalo

Grant Lee Buffalo
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  • Chanson: Wish You Well
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Textes et Paroles de Wish You Well

See the end see the end of time
From the widow's walk I feel the undertow
It grows and my fishin' pole
Like a willow bends toward the blackest hole
To the hole
See the film see the black and whites
Circle stationed stupid to the tape that rolls
My soul receives another blow
From the flashlight of the city hate line
Oh oh ooh ooh ooh

I wish you well
I tell you that it can be helped
I told you it can be helped

See the bad dreams that you speak about
And all the things you bring to light are comin' down
Now everybody hit the ground
Fear is on the march and in the lost and found
These are the times to read between the lines
Yeah my truck runneth over false prophet signs
And road blocks
In the road

I wish you well
I tell you that it can be helped
I told you it can be helped
I told you it can be helped

[Los Angeles has been hit - Spoken]

Newspaper cloaks to wrap the truth
Propagand-acid dropped on the youth
It's easy to see like pulling a tooth
No one in line in the ballot booth
The Dragon down south may blow some smoke
Even the Jester is drummin' up votes
They talk about building morale and hope
They're just building bigotry a better rope
One that won't break one you can't even see
One made of paper and policies

I wish you well
I tell you that it can be helped
I told you it can be helped
It can be helped
Oh but it can be helped

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