Paroles If The Shoe Fits de Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead
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  • Chanson: If The Shoe Fits
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Textes et Paroles de If The Shoe Fits

Will your high hopes get you there
Goal so far and yet so near
You can't ignore the writing on the wall
Every time you rise you fall
End nowhere in sight at all
Why should you pick it up and try again
Give it up, 'cause you can't win
Let it go while you still can
Gave it all you had, now you're feelin' bad
So you're gone, ready to roam
You come on so strong with that same sad song
Wherever you go
Run along, take your ball and go home
Promised yet another chance
Forbidden just a single glance
So much rides on what you say and do
Discarded truths and famous myths
Tales that life deceives you with
Certain things you always thought you knew
Helpful hands that pull you down
Smaller minds turn you around
Friends in need are never really true
Why should you put trust in this
Bridge above the dark abyss
You never learned you can't make all the rules

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