Paroles Let Me Sing Your Blues Away de Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead
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  • Artiste: Grateful Dead15675
  • Chanson: Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
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Textes et Paroles de Let Me Sing Your Blues Away

Gonna hop in the hack then turn on the key,
Pop in the clutch, let the wheels roll free,
Not a cloud in the sky, such a sunny day,
Push in the button, let the top ten play.

Come on honey, let me sing 'em away,
Come on honey, let me sing 'em away,
Oh, honey, let me sing your blues away.

Give me a little of that old time love,
Cause I ain't never had near enough.
Honey, walk that walk with style and grace,
This ain't no knock-down drag-out race.

It don't matter much, pick any gear,
Brind you a pound and drop the rear.
Baby, baby what can I say,
I'm here to drive those blues away.

I sent a letter to a man I know,
Said, "One for the money and two for the show."
I wait all summer for his reply
Said, "Three to get ready and four to fly."

Only two things in the world I love,
That's rock 'n' roll and my turtle dove.
When I was a young man I needed good luck,
But I'm a little bit older now and I know my stuff.

Come on honey, let me sing 'em away,
Come on honey, let me sing 'em away,
Oh, honey, let me sing your blues away

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