Paroles Lost Sailor de Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead
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  • Chanson: Lost Sailor
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Textes et Paroles de Lost Sailor

Compass card is spinning, helm is swinging to and fro
Oh, where is the dog star, oh, where's the moon.
You're a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.

Somedays the gales are howling, sometimes the sea is still as glass.
Oh, raise the main sail, oh, lash the mast.
You're a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.
Now the shorelines beckon, there is a price for being free.

There's a sea bird cryin' and there's a ghost wind blowing
And it's calling you, to that misty swirling sea.
Till the chains of your dreams are broken,
No place in this world you can be.

You're a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.
Now the shorelines beckon, there is a price for being free.

You pay for being free, I'll tell ya freedom don't come easy,
Free don't always come for free,
Sometimes it's hard to know what to believe in.

Where to go, who to go, where to be, who to be.
That means you're driftin'.... driftin'
Yeah driftin' and dreamin', really goin' on a dream now.
Really goin' on a feelin', really goin' on a feelin'.
Driftin', driftin' and dreamin'.

Cause it's a place you've never been
Maybe a place you've never seen now
You can hear them callin' on the wind
Driftin' and dreamin', driftin' and dreamin'.
Really goin' on a dream now, really goin' on a dream now,
Really goin' on a dream now

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