Paroles Shade Of Grey de Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead
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  • Chanson: Shade Of Grey
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Textes et Paroles de Shade Of Grey

Guess it's just a shade of grey
When my head clears i might realize just might realize
But those grey eyes gonna stay with me awhile
But out in the streets well it's nighttime on broadway
Out in the streets they just don't even know
But seven stories high
All their dreams have been realized are being realized
And those grey eyes just light up and shine
When i touch her face with mine
Out on the streets it's a whole other number
Out on the streets it's on with the show
Too well i know that crowd of strangers
I've played my part in that lovely show
Out in the streets hear them racing their engines
Out in the streets they got nowhere to go
I know it's just a shade of grey
And these peaceful moments never last
They're gone so fast
But those grey eyes beckon me once more
And we're ridin' out the storm
Out in the streets they're all waitin' mornin'
Out in the streets it just may never show
Out in the streets night flows like a river
Out in the streets time sits like a stone
Out in the streets they've all got each another
Out in the streets how come they're always alone
It's too late to find a lover it's too early to go home
But up here in the sky all their dreams are being realized

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