Paroles Bloodtrail de Grave

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  • Artiste: Grave9657
  • Chanson: Bloodtrail
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Bloodtrail

Eyes of death, claws of steel
Shackled and chained
Beast of the underworlds
Calling my name

Demon raised, Bloodfed still
Hatred enslaved
Longs for the human worlds
To feast upon your flesh

Strength through sin,
Blood and pain
Strictly restrained
feast of the underworld
Chanting my name

Forged in black, born in hell
raised by hate
Released by the hand of god,
subjecting your faith

Beast of the underworld
Calling my name
Demon raised, bloodfed still
Hatred enslaved
Forged in black, born in hell
raised by hate

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