Paroles Sword de Grave Digger

Grave Digger
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  • Chanson: Sword
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Textes et Paroles de Sword

Stranger tell me - the story behind
How my mother died - as I was a child
My father was killed - in a fight till death
He gave me this sword - with his last breath

This foolish dwarf - it seems so clear
Can't forge the steel - cause he's full of fear
Only the one - who feels no terror
Can forge the steel - and create it anew

Steel by steel
The hammer falls
Shaping me - a deadly sword
With fire and power - I do well
I curse it with a magic spell

Fire, fire - blow on the blaze
Smelt the splinters - of my steel
Glorious sword - nouw you're fixed in the hilt
And I spread out - to kill the dragon

Steel by steel
The hammer falls
Shaping me - a deadly sword
With fire and hammer - I do well
I curse it with a magic spell

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