Paroles Now And Forever de Grave

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  • Artiste: Grave9657
  • Chanson: Now And Forever
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Textes et Paroles de Now And Forever

Life is no more as the world has come to end
Dead is the son whom you called the chosen one
He died for his sins and not for mine

Pray your final prayer
Kiss your life goodbye
Pray your final prayer
As we all shall die

Life is no more as the sun goes down we all will fall
Man is now gone as we experience the black dawn
Now and forever God will cry

Pray your final prayer
Kiss your life goodbye
Pray your final prayer
As we all shall die

Life is no more as we rise from a time before
Everything is gone now they all died together
But after all it is a beautiful weather

Pray you final prayer
You will never see
Pray your final prayer
For immortality

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