Paroles Obscure Infinity de Grave

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  • Artiste: Grave9657
  • Chanson: Obscure Infinity
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Textes et Paroles de Obscure Infinity

Why it is so dark and cold,
is this a dream or what?
This place is so silent and calm,
I'm left alone destined to rot.
I hear them cry above me but why?
I'm not dead, suffer from this
premature burial
is this my final end?

A slow death by suffocation
turns my dream into reality
End of my existence, dead for all eternity
Brutaly banished from life,
a fear that grows inside,
cast out of society because of my insanity

Life in fear and misery
I don't want to live no more
End my pain, let me die
strangle me nice and slow
Soon I'm gone forever and no one cares why
A pain I can't den, as I'm about to die.

Slowly the air fades out
and I know that I soon wll die
In pain I choke, in fear I will die
A part of my body remains after death
opens the porthole for my eternal rest

Take me away, pull me over the edge
I don't want want this pain, I just want my death
A slow death by suffocation
turns my dreams to reality
End of my fucking existence
dead for all eternity

Obscure infinity, obscure infinity.

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