Paroles Severing Flesh de Grave

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  • Artiste: Grave9657
  • Chanson: Severing Flesh
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Textes et Paroles de Severing Flesh

Peeling your flesh away sever it from you bones
Separating your head from your body then revel in your blood
Maiming your mangled corpse Tearing your skin apart
Incinerate your remains while ripping out your heart
Flesh - cadaver - blood
Severing flesh
Severing flesh

Shattered human remains buried in the mud
Bodies bloodstained have begun to rot
Dying victims moaning choking by their blood
Silent is the mourning from those which god forgot
Flesh - cadaver - blood

Flesh has rotted eyes are taken away
Kneecaps broken arms are gone in decay
Try to moan but your tongue is removed
Body is rotting in the pool of blood

Peeling your flesh away sever it from your bones
Separating your head from you body then fuck you in the wounds
Flesh - cadaver - blood
Severing flesh
Severing flesh

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