Paroles Flame Of Doom de Graveland

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  • Artiste: Graveland9665
  • Chanson: Flame Of Doom
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Textes et Paroles de Flame Of Doom

A star outside the galaxies
From the abyss of the universe
Born in the darkness
From non-existing matter
A non-existing star
An icy vacuum
Filled with cold light
The unknown priest noticed the blaze
The light of a star pierced his heart
His eyes saw the blaze of glory
And the sadness of an impenetrable darkness
The cold filled his heart
An impenetrable and unknown will
The words that filled his mouths
Came from the abyss of the universe
The storm is coming
Thunder in the ancient temple
Is it not the same flame
A cold hand has changed its matter
Warriors in the circle
Swore the fidelity
Came from the distant parts of the world
Awakened from the long sleep
Nothing is the same anymore
Soil has changed its colours
Colours of light faded
Thunder filled their hearts
A wind brough the mists
Trees shed the leaves
Words spoken in the unknown languages
Filled the vacuum with cold
And only the star is shining
Piercing the matter with its light
Creating the shadows
Raising on the wings of its magic
Four sides of the world
Hands raised towards the stars
Weaving the luminous cobweb
Shining on the sunny wind

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