Paroles Awaiting The Shining de Graveworm

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  • Artiste: Graveworm9685
  • Chanson: Awaiting The Shining
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Textes et Paroles de Awaiting The Shining

Awaiting the shining, the fire neverseen
Waiting for (the) mourning light
I raise my hands to the sky
As I see the moon in my eyes
The night falls down on my way
Through the clouds it shines on me
As I walk through eternity
Wolves run by my side

Fullmoon in my eyes reflecting the death
Twisted trees clawing at the skies
Creatures of the night
Frozen winds through the time
Whispers my name

Fly on my wings through the darkest of night
Feel the pain and try to die
Never see the light before
Lost sour sense of a dying world

The black night before me
I stand socluded there
A godless portal to hell

I could see the gate
Rise before me
I entered the reign of death

Shadow appears in front of me
Painfull harmony

Through the winds into the night
I'll proclaim my life
Once again a voice calls to me
A shadow crawled along my side
Eyes of the night gaze at me
Dancing souls of mankind

Fullmoon - in my eyes-reflecting-the light

Awaiting the shining, the fire neverseen
Waiting for (the) mourning light
I raise my hands to the sky
As I see the light of life

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