Paroles Legions Unleashed de Graveworm

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  • Artiste: Graveworm9685
  • Chanson: Legions Unleashed
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Textes et Paroles de Legions Unleashed

[Music and Lyrics by Graveworm]

I crying to the night - Legions unleashed!!!!
Screaming in pain, spitting the blood to the god
Destruction of the dying has begun
Forces of evil, raise the sword to the sky
Fire in the night, the demons arrived
In the arms of the ancient beast
Fire, death and fear
The darkness spread their wings of death
The horned one implore
The legions waked up from the graves
To be unleashed by their clame
Demon of the ancient world
Invading darkest skies
Forest whispers laments of pain
Blood flows on the ground
Fear, the only way to see
The essence of life ends
Breathe the stench of buried soul
Pleasure of the death
When the stars falls like tears from the sky
Devoted to the powers of black northern might
Wolves howl to honour the moon
Awaits the reign of dark
Creatures of the night arrived
Embraced by darkest might
Blood their only trace to kill
Between the dreams they ride
Marches straight to end the life
Mankind of foible faith
Beyond the temple of the lost
Arrival of plague and death
The garden withered into dust
Might of spell take life
Nocturnal eyes reflects the flames
Ancient race of the gods
Masterpiece of destruction
The agony and pain
The end of the world begun
The time has come: Legions unleashed

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