Paroles Outside Down de Graveworm

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  • Artiste: Graveworm9685
  • Chanson: Outside Down
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Textes et Paroles de Outside Down

Never ending - I'm dying
Before I stay to try
Insinde - outside
Upside and down
Left and right
Before and behind
I prefer to die before the end
Over and under
Are black and white really the same?

Hallo? Who is there?

Split my head inot seven parts
What is gonna happen?
Rivers flowing upward instead of down
Who moves the earth?
Did stones ever grow in this world
Can steel be broken?
When did revers start so flow again?
The end is open...

Who is making facts to facts?
The fields of knowledge from inside - outside
Does someone know the beginning
The place where time and space are death

Thinking over and over again
But nothing seems really real
Who the fuck is upside there
And ''earth-commanding''?

Hallo? Who is there?
Who the fuck is upside outside
Hallo? Who is there?
Why are you ''earth-commanding''?

In my world I wanna stay,
So I'm running away, running away
In my own world I wanna grow
In my mind - in my soul
Just in my own world I wanna feel
That's what deep inside of me
Before I gonna stay to try
That's the truth - prefer to die

Never ending - I'm dying
Before I stay to try
Inside - outside
Upside and down
Left - right
Before - behind
I prefer to die!

Split my head into seven parts
Can steel be broken?
Ripping forth through the dark and white
The end is open

Hallo? Who is there?
Hallo? Who is there?

I'm here to say goodbye!

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