Paroles Tears From My Eyes de Graveworm

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  • Artiste: Graveworm9685
  • Chanson: Tears From My Eyes
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Textes et Paroles de Tears From My Eyes

[Music by Unterpertinger, Mair]
[Lyrics by Fiori]

Visions of a future that you will never see
Memories of the past
Traces of grief that you must survive
Only to feal pain again
Decolation of man is what I see now
Confusion is all around
Darkness is falling before my eyes
Losing my last hope

Tears from my eyes
Filled with dreams
Tears from my eyes
For a dying world

Suffer day and night
Slowly this world will fade away
The life decrease, my tears unseen
No one try to fear

You'll have to go through the time
To find the truth
You stare into the depth and try
The answer dissappears
Mindless thoughts before you die
Slowly you cry to leave
Inside my eyes the world cries loud
The time has come to die

Tears from my eyes
Filled with dreams
Tears from my eyes
For a dying world
I cry

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