Paroles Marguarita de Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea
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  • Chanson: Marguarita
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Textes et Paroles de Marguarita

I see you in the front row, dancing up and down
You're ripped and ready for the night downtown
And all the pretty boys are chasing you around
Cause they all wanna win your affections

You spent three hours getting ready for the show
Nothing on underneath and everybody knows
Mama said wear a coat or catch your death of cold
What's wrong with a little flirtation?


And then you smile at me
Is that a wink I see?
Did I catch your eye?
Should I even try?
Oh, My Margarita (Margarita)
Like to meet you (Margarita)
Margarita (Margarita)
Think I need you (Margarita)

Take your time, dance real slow
Remember that song from the radio
Got your old man's, got a place to go
Cause we all need a little temptation

Those two big fellas are looking for a fight
It's what they like to do on a Saturday night
Maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the lights
But they just want to get your attention


Talk to me , baby, it's all right
I might look strange, but I don't bite
And if you let me hold your hand
I can find a way to make you understand

Called last call, now it's time to go
But I'm not the guy who gets to walk you home
We could have made history, I guess we'll never know
I'll see you in dreams

Oh, my Margarita (Margarita)
Like to meet you (Margarita)
Margarita (Margarita)
Think I need you (Margarita)
Oh, my Margarita (Margarita)
Like to meet you (Margarita)
Margarita (Margarita)
Think I need You (Margarita)

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