Paroles Chariot de Gretchen Wilson

Gretchen Wilson
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  • Artiste: Gretchen Wilson5057
  • Chanson: Chariot
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Textes et Paroles de Chariot

When it's all over but the shoutin'
When God the Father's done his final accounting
And I find out that I made the cut
Boys I'm gonna get me a chariot
Yeah a big gold eagle on the hood
Trans Am chariot

Gonna find my great great granddaddy
That peace pipe smokin' cherokee
Gonna get him all schooled
In them mags and struts
Then we gonna drag us a chariot
Yeah a big gold eagle painted on the hood chariot
Good Lord wichita
Sure hope Samson ain't no law dog
Redneck you better out run him
Damn sure don't wanna get caught
Crime what crime
We was all hopped up on new wine
And mama's gonna kill me if I get
Kicked out of the choir
But you just gotta run them chariots
Now here's a little story happened long ago
One day Ezekiel went out for a stroll
Walkin' by the river low and behold
Down came 4 angels in a cadillac gold
He said "swing down sweet chariot come on
And give me a ride"
So they scooped em up, they rig was souped up,
Man it had TVs inside
Ol' Zeke was surprised cause his eyes had seen beyond
His wildest dreams, He'd go on to see a thousand things

We'll paint that number eight on the driver's side
That's hold old I was when I have Jesus my life
I stepped right up and got washed in the blood
Just a little kid singin' 'bout a chariot
A big gold eagle painted on the hood chariot
(repeat chorus twice)
When it's all over but the shoutin'...

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