Paroles Nonbelievers de Groundation

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  • Artiste: Groundation9935
  • Chanson: Nonbelievers
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Textes et Paroles de Nonbelievers

They want all against the wall Jah
Shackled all those nonbelievers
They want all ye face at water
Rock…you nonbeliever

They want all ye nonbelievers
To see them rock and roll man like deceivers

In my prison cell…no one follow me
I'm alone…Jordan rescue me
In my cell, no one next to me
Global war man Jah-Jah know it all

Iyah! I yo-yo children Iyah

They want all those nonbelievers
To see them all fall like rain upon the sea Jah

(and of 1 ati.) But de man sail through the storm and this could not be Hando
Leafs a fall too bounce still na crumble
But in their faith alone they call we unfortunate
One free from poverty and this I must see…

Iyah! I yo-yo children Iyah

They want all those nonbelievers to conform
They are asking all those nonbelievers to conform

Still we have no rain upon our feet, yes
No one to talk to with no one else to meet
No waterfall reach upon the road
Jah children you are on your own, forever

Iyah! I yo-yo children Iyah

In my prison cell… no one follow me
I'm alone… Jordan rescue me
In my cell… no one next to me
A global war man Jah - ah - ah know it all

They want all those nonbelievers
Tell them we don't believe yah

Tell them, tell them…
Weep not tell man tell them man we don't believe ya
Ya better tell them we don't believe ya…

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