Paroles Upon The Bridge de Groundation

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  • Artiste: Groundation9935
  • Chanson: Upon The Bridge
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Textes et Paroles de Upon The Bridge

No Fear, no fear in my heart! If you don't know!
No Fear, no fear in my heart! Hold on, hold on
No Fear, no fear in man's heart! hold on hold on
No cry, no cry!

No bread, no butter for them to have at home
No bread, no butter for them at all…

Come fight then for their minds
Which one a dem a call a foe
Can not see clear through the clouded mystery
We'll cross that bridge in the snow

But do you not see the day?
Oh do you not know your soul?
Or am I the only one talking…oooh!

I! another one call
Dread! A nuff a dem falling
1! Another one saying Dread!

We lost all the way in the snow…
Upon the bridge we go….(2x)

Why are they afraid to see…what they can all surely see?
Why are they afraid to know…man what they can surely be?
And why are they afraid to speak…to me?
Man onto you…. As onto me
Lord they see that Jah calling me

Him calling me, back to my home
Him a call to me, back to my home

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