Paroles What Could Have Been de Groundation

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  • Artiste: Groundation9935
  • Chanson: What Could Have Been
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Textes et Paroles de What Could Have Been

What could have been the first moment in… my destiny yeah
What could have been the first trumpet in… sing a song my bredren
What if it could be the first crying in the wilderness was love…I'll defend

But, but, but, but which one of them?
Which, which, which, which one of dem a leave Jah?
But, But, But them a gonna fall…
let, Jah, Jah, come right in and lead them in-in to the
Ites, Ites, Dream, Dream
Look upon him sufferah
Dream, dream upon them, upon them, upon them
Let's exalt Jah, and live them for Zion and a go
Preach dem, preach dem, preach dem, preach one a de day, day man, man
For tonight we're coming for ya…Culturally speaking

Oh but I love them…and they do too!
Man look upon the sky…lead them into war
Some a dem a call out to say man
You do to, be true, positive energy man
Be true, be true, the Lion a destiny
Man don't be afraid, I've been here before
Man a go way an ya, culturally we fear man's soul

But then the lightning, strike, street
Born again, born again…I man sufferah

I man sufferah…

live in the sky…

Jah know, Jah know, Jah know, Jah know, oh yeah

Come to see, what they really do not want them to see
Visions in the night them reach for the blind man
Tell in the sky man this is love
Live again then Jah
They say I come from the land of E-the-o-pia!
Conquerors …Sufferahs…Vampire!

Unto the great moon in the sky
Why must you treat him like a rotten I sufferah!?

Live again oh Lord

Burn, burn, burn, I, I fear, I, I, I, disappear
Into the discipline that joins us today
But I, I, I, come today, come, come Jah today
I feel it right on top, onto the pit of my soul…

Jah deliver them soul!
We'll try to suffer this road!
Jah deliver them souls!
Oh I will suffer this road!

See them fall-all-all see them falling way tonight
So you can see the bright - bright - bright souls
And the righteous yeah….yeah…oh but the righteous yeah?
Man but the righteous yeah?

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