Paroles Hustle de Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane
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  • Artiste: Gucci Mane8948
  • Chanson: Hustle
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Textes et Paroles de Hustle

Since you can't get right Imma show you how to hustle, show you how to hustle show you how to hustle.
Make a grind all night, Imma show you how to hustle, show you how to hustle, show you how to hustle..
Put ya game down tight Imma show you how to hustle, show you how to husle, show you hwo to hustle.
It's an all night flight, Imma show you how to hustle, show you hustle, show you how to hustle (Yeahh)

verse 1:
I let my hater be my motivator, I got 20 pounds of purp. in my frigerator.(ughh)
So damn an investergator, when I re-up they bring it in a tractor trailor. (ughh)
I'm the king of Decatur man, got that fruity dro any kinda flavor man,(ughh)
Good cush or that purple thrax, white rhino you ain't never heard of dat. (ughh)
I got them sevens fr the buck fifty, 125 if an nigga fuck wit me.(ughh) you doin bad buyin 50 slabs, I'm in Texico buyin out sandwich bags(ughh)
Niggas churpin on my Nextel, Gucci what it look like nigga fish scales(ughh)
I use to hold down the Hotel, now I'm a member of the Sign Yoursefd Cartel


verse 2:
I use to be the nigga wit the dimes, now I'm on the grind wit the 4's and the 9's.(ughh)
They say it's Gucci time to shine, a young black Enterprenuer in nhis prime(ughh)
A nigga gota get the whole thang, 21-5 evrytime my phone rang(ughh)
I got so much clientell, black tee, black Gat and a pocket scale(ughh)
So I can't go broke man, niggas know me as the Dope man's dope man(ughh)
I made this one for my folks man, for the J's thatb be smokin outta coke cans(ughh)
and they askin for a wake up, you wanna a brick I gotcha covered like make-up.(ughh)
so wantcha holla atcha boy, you drop a couple dollars, I'll getcha coke, I'll getcha boi

(ughh) I got dem pounds and the Q.P.'s, I move units, I ain't talkin bout cd's(ughh)
I'm talkin bout HB's, a huundred pounds nigga holla at HB(ughh0
nigga I can get an Escalade off a hundred slab and a razor blade(ughh)
when I cut it wit the rich band 2 flips nigga Imma be a rich man.(ughh)
and these robbers trynna plot up, get his car shot up tyrna take a nigga product(ughh)
these niggas ain't harmin me,plus I sell more drugs than a pharmacy.(ughh)
Imma mix it wit the Isatol, ten thousand pills and these bitches ain't no Tylenol (ughh)
Big nuts like bowling balls, 30 thoughand dollar charm and a hole in da wall.

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