Paroles Be-Witched de Hades Almighty

Hades Almighty
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  • Artiste: Hades Almighty9899
  • Chanson: Be-Witched
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Textes et Paroles de Be-Witched

hear the haunting theronade
like a chant through a timeless abyss
or the cries from the wolves from the
long lost woods

moon-less nights caress her
in shades of a nocturnal beauty
she dances on cemetary ground
be-witched by the wistful tunes of thy dark

enslaving eyes of a whistful darkness
calls me as a silent prayer
she is the one of nocturnal beauty
force me to become her slave

take - me on your journey

she was a woman in black lace
dancing like a raven around the mountain side
and the music of her wistful songs
or laughter, or cries

and out of the skies above me
a creature - a face turned down unto me
closer and closer - then so near
and when she again raised
she caressed me and lead us into a lustful dance
in circles bigger and bigger
higher up - into the moonless skies
and I joined her on her journey to hades

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